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Keybridge House planning meeting

The Keybridge House planning meeting has unexpectedly been scheduled for Tuesday 28 January, 7pm at Lambeth Town Hall. The main concerns are that the provision of a primary school on the site (without proper play space) instead of social/affordable housing would be bad news for locals in basic housing need, Vauxhall Park and the new school’s future pupils. Plus, Lambeth seems to be unwilling to satisfy a FoI request from Friends of Vauxhall Park regarding the viability of the development, which the developer claims is reducing the scope for social/affordable housing.

It would be really helpful to have as many people as possible attend the planning meeting in support of objectors (limited to three) who are permitted to speak for just two minutes each.

For details for the meeting, please go to Vauxhall Spring on or click on the link below, which will take you to the home page & events calendar of the KOV Forum.

Where’s the politico who’ll wave the flag for Vauxhall Park? | The Vauxhall Society

Friends of Vauxhall Park
Friends of Vauxhall Park

Councillor Sally Prentice will raise a Green Flag in Vauxhall Park at 11am on Saturday 7 December. Might a more appropriate pennant be white, denoting Lambeth councillors’ surrender of this public park to private privilege and wealth? Cllr Prentice is Lambeth’s ‘Cabinet’ member for Culture and Leisure, and the Green Flag is the latest award from Keep Britain Tidy for helping make the Vauxhall Park one of the best green spaces in the country.Lambeth councillors have given way time and time again on planning applications for silos in which to store students or for skyscraper apartment blocks in which to stack the rich.These buildings will shade Vauxhall Park , while their gardenless inhabitants will overcrowd it and stamp flat the park’s green spaces. Now, to add insult to injury, councillors are diverting to other uses the community benefit payments from these developments that The Friends of Vauxhall Park were expecting.

via Where’s the politico who’ll wave the flag for Vauxhall Park? | The Vauxhall Society.