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Proposals for Vauxhall Cross

discount chiffon bridesmaid gownsIn case you didn’t make (to the open evening where all the plans and and planners were present) it there are a couple of things worth writing to TfL about esp if any of you drive or take taxis. (I suggest you look at your map to make sense of these points)

  1. The right turn from Wandsworth Road into ‘Bridgefoot’/start of Kennington Lane/under the railway will NO LONGER be possible. This means that to go from S Lambeth Road you will have to go along the new 2 way S Lambeth Road, turn R into Kennington Lane then do that huge loop up Durham St, Harleyford Rd, then L into S Lambeth Road and L into Vauxhall Grove as at present. This will take longer than the current loop around the one-way system. IF (a big if) they would permit a R turn into Vauxhall Grove from the new 2 way S Lambeth Road (and there is no reason for this to become a rat-run) the problem would be solved. This is what I will propose as an alternative.
  2. The only way to drop off elderly or disabled people at the station will be if you are coming from from the West along S Lambeth Rd. For anyone coming from Albert Embankment or Harleyford/Kennington Lane this would be impossible.

The planners at the meeting agreed with me on both these points and made a note of them but unless sufficient people make a noise they might for convenience just forget about these issues.

You can respond to TfL’s consultation on the redevelopment of the bus station and roads around it here (the consultation is set to end 17 January)

Citizen Space – Nine Elms on the South Bank – Public Realm Design Guide

Cannes Film Festival DressesThe draft ‘Nine Elms on the South Bank Public Realm Design Guide’ has been produced in conjunction with Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth and Transport for London. Click here to download a copy of the Nine Elms on the South Bank Public Realm Design Guide The Guide applies to an area from the Albert Embankment at Lambeth Palace in the London Borough of Lambeth, to Queenstown Road in the London Borough of Wandsworth. This area is defined as the Vauxhall Nine Elms Opportunity Area. Good public realm should serve the interests of all users, inclusive of age, gender, ability and cultural differences. This Guide focusses on the distinct urban character of Nine Elms on the South Bank and aims to ensure that future design is both relevant, and reflective of the area. It also defines the structure of ten character areas within the community, as well as the overarching themes for good public realm.

Source: Citizen Space – Nine Elms on the South Bank – Public Realm Design Guide

De-stress-tinations: Low-key locales in some of the world’s busiest cities

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Meiji Jingu (Image: Yoshikazu TAKADA)

England’s capital city is home to more than 8 million residents, and that’s not counting the millions of tourists who visit this historic city each year. Take some time to de-stress in this British metropolis:Bonnington Square Garden: This community garden offers a new perspective on daily living. Each plant and tree that greets you is cared for by local residents, creating a sense of community that’s palpable as soon as you come upon the square. Be sure to visit the low-key and quirky Bonnington Cafe, whose ever-rotating menu of vegetarian fare takes on new international inspiration each day.

Source: De-stress-tinations: Low-key locales in some of the world’s busiest cities | Cheapflights

This is square we stand!

We’ve got something new in town! Breathing new life into the area, its the piazza! This  development adds to the already highly acclaimed Bonnington Square.

Still in the building phase, it is already looking great! The new piazza gives the community a stage to host events like last year’s brilliant Bonnington Square Festival. Imagine sitting with a bowl of pasta on a sunny afternoon, facing the garden. Taking in the tranquility in this peaceful slice of London. Who wouldn’t want that? The piazza would let you do this.

Hopefully this extra special square would be finished soon and we can continue to admire this exceptional community.

Abhinav Mahesh







Volunteer Workday on Saturday 15 March

Bonnington Square Garden Needs You

Please come and help out at the volunteer workday on Saturday 15 March from lO am. No gardening knowledge is needed, just your enthusiasm. Bonnington Square Garden is nearly 20 years old and needs you to get involved to keep it going.

Who looks after the garden?

• The garden is maintained by the residents of the area through the Bonnington Square Garden Association (BSGA).
• The association is open for anyone to join.
• The BSGA pay the bills for running of the garden (water, electricity, repairing damaged and worn out bits of the garden, replacing plants etc) and organise garden workdays and events in the garden.
• Currently only a small group of residents volunteer their time and effort to look after the garden and get involved in the running of the garden by being members of BSGA.

The BSGA receive no ongoing funding from any source for the garden. Lambeth Council does not give any money to the garden.

Who looks after the planted areas around the square?

As well as the garden the planted areas in the street also need to be cared for, they need weeding, managing plant growth and watering etc. This is what it looked like before the street plots!

To make sure all the areas are being cared for we would like to get a list of people that look after different parts of the square.

  • If you already look after an area, thank you and a can you email us so we know?
  • If you want to look after an area can you email us and say which area? Please email us at [email protected]

We desperately need more people to become involved in the garden. There are many ways you can help:

  • Give your time – Do a bit of gardening on our volunteer workdays (next one is Saturday 15th March) no gardening knowledge needed. Help out at garden events.
  • Fundraising – Help with ideas on raising money; offer to donate things to sell such as baking cakes for garden events.
  • Donate – If you can’t give your time you can donate money or items which we need e.g. a new picnic table or tool storage box, garden hose etc.
  • IT/Web skill – we need help keeping a website about the garden up-to-date.
  • Ideas – get involved with thinking how the garden should be used and designed.The garden is running out of money- The garden costs about 1000 a year just to maintain and when we have to repair vandalism or replace plants this cost goes up. Last year we only received £168 in donations.

    If you would like to make a donation please make cheques payable to: Bonnington Square Garden Association and send to: BSGA Treasurer, 52 Bonnington Square.

A bit of history
In 1990 a builder working in the area applied to the Council to use the site of the garden for storage. The Bonnington Square Garden Association was formed by Local Residents to lay claim to the “wasteland”. Construction began in August 1994 transforming the land into a little slice of paradise that improves all our lives and is an inspiration to other communities that want to do the same.

Get involved in your garden

Get in contact: email bonnington-square-gardens©