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Chinese poem by Ping-Hsin


The garden feels like a true work of love, and rather magical, so I’ve chosen this beautiful Chinese poem by Ping-Hsin for it.


To escape from thoughts of love,

I put on my fur cloak,

And ran out from the lamp lit silent house.

On a tiny footpath

The bright moon peeps;

And the withered twigs on the snow-clad earth

Across and across, everywhere scrawl “Love”.

And I invite you to write about love in the garden today… with a glass of champagne in your hand if you feel like it!

via Writer In The Garden | An idiosyncratic literary tour round English parks and gardens.

Chelsea (Fringe) Flower Show

The first-ever Chelsea Fringe, the alternative festival of gardening, opens on Saturday 19 May. A compliment to the Chelsea Flower Show, the Fringe does things it cannot do and reaches places it cannot reach. There are no arcane judging systems, no grand judges, medals, prizes or patronage – and no sponsor, so it is entirely volunteer-driven. As long as a project idea is about gardening and flowers, and is interesting, it’s in. This spans community growing spaces and initiatives, garden installations, performances, street happenings, parties, talks and walks, special dinners, workshops, films and art – all run by visionary individuals who make things happen against the odds.

FYI the chef at The Canton Arms on South Lambeth Road is whipping up a feast at Dinner to Dye for at Hackney City Farm.

Urban Physic Garden

Come to the Plant Orphanage in the Urban Physic Garden to adopt plants to take home on the last weekend of the garden! This adoption event will be facilitated by Wayward Plants and your adoption applications will become part of their registry of stories. Also – if you have unwanted plants, or want to contribute plants from your garden to the exchange, please drop them off anytime between now and the close of the garden! This event is free and open to all. If you have a community space in the local area, you are also invited an entire hospital ward! Perhaps you’d like to take on the Gastro Ward with its peppermint, caraway, dill, milk thistle, toad flax and holy basil. Or maybe Dermatology appeals more, with its aloe vera, echinacea, gotu kola, skullcap and tea tree. Check out the plant list here. There are eleven wards in total, and all need to go to a good home. Apply online now to adopt a ward. There are also medicinal trees and individual plants to adopt – apply online to adopt a tree.

via Urban Physic Garden.

London Blend: Italo, Bonnington Square | Londonist



Our recent trip to check out the gardens in Bonnington Square left us sorely in need of refreshment – and fortunately the area is very well endowed on the catering front. On this occasion we chose to get our caffeine fix at Italo, a bustling, fragrant and by all accounts popular deli-cafe which kind of spills out on to the pavement when the weather is warm enough.

The place is run by a pedigree partnership of the Di Lieto family, who ran Di Lieto in Stockwell for over 20 years, and Charlie Boxer, erstwhile novelist and closet foodie (and, incidentally, father of Frank, of Frank’s Campari Bar fame). As corner delis go, this place has got it all: piles of beautifully packaged bits of Italy (with quite a lot from other bits of the Med thrown in), a great range of hot home-made foods and general lunch fodder, cheeses, salamis, and hand-crafted cakes. But it is the smell of coffee which entices and domninates – and jolly good coffee it is too.

The coffee is Caffe Dolce, a fairly exclusive blend being offered at just a few London outlets. Our expresso was a full and manly affair, with a pleasant nutty aftertaste. None of that weird fruitiness that you get with some coffee. All in all Italo is definitely worth a detour next time you swing by the Oval or are Vauxhall bound.

Italo is at 13, Bonnington Square SW8 1TE, and is open Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 7.45pm, and Saturdays from 9.30am to 2pm. Tel: 020 7450 3773.

via London Blend: Italo, Bonnington Square | Londonist.

Annual General Meeting 2011

21st February, 7:30pm
At The Bonnington Centre


  1. Ratification of last AGM minutes and minutes of last year
  2. Chair report – and election..
  3. Secretary report – and election-
  4. Treasurer report – and election
  5. What needs doing, plan for next year
  6. Next work day schedule
  7. London squares day
  8. Possible fundraising, updates on applications and section 106 monies
  9. Out-reach and collaboration with other gardens and green projects
  10. website
  11. Constitution
  12. Any other business

Next Garden Work Days:

Weekend 5th and 6th March, from 10am
Please come and do what you can do 🙂

Travis Perkins donation

A huge thanks to Travis Perkins for donating a metal lockable van-vault 920x555x490 free of charge. This means we don’t need to worry so much about leaving our tools in convenient reach of volunteers working in the garden

Contact information

Tel: 020 7582 4255
Fax: 020 7587 0453
Opening Times
Monday:6:45am – 5:00pm
Tuesday:6:45am – 5:00pm
Wednesday:6:45am – 5:00pm
Thursday:6:45am – 5:00pm
Friday:6:45am – 5:00pm
Saturday:8:00am – 12:00am

Products and services available in branch

  • Brick Matching Service
  • Decorating Centre
  • Doors & Joinery Centre
  • Drainage Centre (inc. Soil & Rainwater)
  • Dry Lining Centre
  • Estimating Service (Extensions & New Build excl Timber Frame)
  • Flooring Centre
  • Insulation Centre
  • Landscaping Centre
  • Lintel Centre
  • P&H Section
  • Paint Mixing Service
  • Timber Centre
  • Timber Milling Service
  • Toolhire
  • Velux Centre

Open Garden Squares Weekend

Hope you have been enjoying the spectacular weather — almost TOO hot for gardening.

We have the BIG weekend coming up in June 7-8th (we’re open all the time of course but I suppose for the purposes of that day and keeping an eye on the garden we should say 10-5pm), with loads of visitors who will make a detour to see our very special gardens and square. We are looking forward to the event, and hope that you will all be able to spare an hour or two for the next couple of weekends. 

We are calling our clean up a Green Gym, as it is a great work out, and no garden knowledge needed.
Please look at the pdf and we look forward to seeing you.

James did mowing, raking and weeding on Sat.

Outlook is cooler for the weekend…