Golden Garden rules

  1. Please note that this garden in held in perpetuity by the Bonnington Square Garden Association (BSGA) and is managed and maintained by local residents.
  2. Whilst open to all, access is upheld with the good will and discretion of the BSGA, by entering the garden you agree to our guidelines. The garden is normally open from morning to evening, seven days a week although there may be times that we need to close the garden during these hours.
  3. We hope you enjoy your visit to the pleasure garden but please respect and leave the garden as you find it.
  4. We reserve the right to ask anyone who is abusing the hospitality of the garden to leave.
  5. We regret that we cannot allow dogs, bikes and ball games in the garden as these can damage delicate plants and shoots.
  6. We also kindly ask you to be quiet at night, remember this is a residential neighbourhood!
  7. Any comment and applications for use of and or access for works should be directed towards the contacts page here.
  8. Written permission is required from the BSGA for any works which may impact on the garden, otherwise we assume trespass has been enacted.
  9. Dogs: Working assistance dogs only please
  10. No fires, BBQs, camping stoves or fireworks are allowed in the garden

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